Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My husband is

Bet you thought I was going to say Asian, huh?  Since that's how I normally introduce him or explain his awkward behavior, I don't blame you.  But this time, it actually finishes with "indecisive."
This may or may not come as a surprise, but I'm a planner.  I like to know what's going to happen, especially if it's a major undertaking or large issue to resolve.  I'm pretty blas√© about where we're going to eat for dinner, but where we'll retire?  What kind of car to buy?  I think things out.  That's where hubby and I are different.
We talk all the time about our future; where we want to end up, how many kids we want to have [it's one.  don't let him tell you otherwise], how we'd spend the lottery if we won.  I feel as though I'm pretty consistent in my answers, while my darling spouse seems to change his mind every other day.  Today it's a Toyota Tacoma, tomorrow a Prius, the next a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Sometimes he wants to try to go officer, sometimes he just wants to be done with the military.  Every once in a while, he talks about joining a circus or becoming a professional baseball player.  Huh?
One thing we've come to a conclusion on is building our own home.  The idea of having a layout of my choosing, adding those particularly brilliant little additions one finds on Pinterest, choosing materials that make me feel at home...it's appealing to both of us.  And while some may build to have the large, grand house of their dreams, I actually can't wait to watch our tiny little home come together.  In never ending anticipation, I've been hunting down ideas of what I absolutely must include in our future two bedroom, one bathroom, large acred casa.

I'm all about open floor plans.  While this particular picture shows a home incredibly larger than I would ever want, the open space of no walls between kitchen, dining room, and living room makes me drool.  And those vaulted ceilings?  Yes, please.  I may even have to have a loft instead of a bedroom...
Source: bhg.com via English on Pinterest

Although we want a smaller house, I still want to be able to move around in our kitchen.  Doesn't have to be gigantic, just room for company, for future grand kids, for dogs, for whomever.  Most of all, a slender island is the perfect addition no matter how small it is.
Source: bhg.com via English on Pinterest

We have yet to decide on where exactly we want to retire, but South Carolina is [at the moment] number one.  In spite of the location, a fireplace is a must in our future home.  Look at the rock detailing!  And the built in bookcases?  Love love love.  A cozy environment to read a book and sit back and relax.

My favorite part of planning a home is choosing the flooring, color schemes, molding, fixtures, etc.  This floor is one of my favorites, and best part?  Cork flooring.  I'm pretty much drooling right now.

Our bedroom is my least favorite room in the entire house.  It's too big!  We don't need much in there, just a bed for us, a bed for the dogs, and a side table for alarm clocks.  That's it.  I don't care about millions of pillows or cute settees, nor do I care about having a house inside my bedroom.  This is pretty much perfect; a bed, gorgeous colors, pretty lighting...perfect for sleeping.
Source: bhg.com via English on Pinterest

Since my husband insists on having a two story home [groan], this idea may not come into play.  But I would love to have a mudroom/laundry room!  Just an area for shoes, coats, and laundry to be stored.  Nothing huge or fancy, just a converted closet or tiny space right off the garage.  If he keeps insisting on a two story house, laundry room goes upstairs in our walk in closet.  Yup, you heard me.  I may not need a large house, but a walk in closet is a must, and so is having the washer/dryer upstairs with us.

Finally, having a porch is an absolute necessity.  I'm so looking forward to the day where I can lazy in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee, pups dozing at my feet, neighbors waving hello in the sunrise.  Has to happen.

Obviously, this point in time is quite a ways away, but it can't hurt to daydream, right?  I have so many ideas of how to make the most use of small spaces, how to be comfortable without needing oversized rooms, and how I'm going to fit extended family in those two bedrooms.  May have to have a treehouse as well. :)  What do you dream about?


  1. I love dreaming for the future and your future home sounds very, very beautiful. :)

    My biggest dream right now is finding a safe place for my children to grow up in. Since they are male...some place free of man haters. I have no idea if such a place exists...but one can dream. :)

  2. I love everything! I would love a front porch, that is what I always dream of. The little house we live in now is alright, but I do dream of something newer, with a porch, and with lots of natural light.

  3. And you'd definitely design an awesome tree house. I can see you with a hammock somewhere too. And a book.

    Gorgeous ideas.

    Rosie xx

  4. The first pic looks wonderful. And I love porches, too.
    We did quite a bit of work when we bought our house 2+ years ago, I wish Pinterest had been around then.

  5. I love that laundry an the porch :D


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