Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday.  I feel a sense of false anticipation when you come around, as though Saturday and Sunday will be filled to the brim with happenings and events.  Instead, our weekend doesn't start until Tuesday, and Friday is in reality just another mid week up-jumped day with nothing special to treat us with.  How disappointing.  Dear November.  You are here!  Time for holiday season to start.  I've already found the exact lights I'll be hanging in our windows, the perfect mini tree I can put up [and out of reach of dogs], and am now just waiting for Christmas Markets to purchase our favorite decorations. I'm so excited!  Dear pups.  I adore how much you love snow.  As soon as we stepped outside last week, you took off over the white ground, pausing only to take a few snaps at floating snowflakes.  I wish it would snow again so I could see all that exuberance spent!  You guys let me sleep very well that night...  Dear Husband.  Thank you so much for coming home this morning and quietly leading the dogs out of the bedroom, allowing me an extra hour of sleep.  And for making dinner last night.  And for doing the dishes.  I love you :)  Dear Germany.  The weather this week is so gross and blah that I keep the rolladens shut most of the day so I don't have to see it.  Crazy wind, low hanging clouds, stinging rain.  It's just no bueno.  If it's going to be this cold every day, I would much prefer to see snow, please.  And Christmas Markets.  Let's just get to December already.  Dear readers.  I know I promised  you all something special last week, but I promise that it is for sure happening on Monday!  Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some awesome sponsor goodies :)


  1. Dreary weather can just make one feel so,...dreary. We finally have sunshine today and yesterday and it was amazing to see. Short-lived too I'm sure!

    Hope you still have a good weekend! Even if it is weekdayish ;)

  2. I want to come to a Christmas Market.
    Can I shack up with you!??

  3. Luckily our dogs live (mainly) outside so no concerns about our tree (when we get one). ;)
    Christmas Markets should make the shitty weather worth it...? Maybe? Hang in there!


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