Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday.  You are the start of a fun filled and magical weekend.  Dear husband.  I feel so horrible for you!  These past couple weeks have been extremely rough, with chaotic work schedules, not enough sleep during the day, phone calls to take you back to base right as you walk in our door.  Hopefully you'll have an easier time until the holidays start.  Dear Halloween.  You're less than a week away.  I'm not a huge halloween person, and I refuse to celebrate Thanksgiving at all, so as soon as the ghosts go back to bed, I'm putting up Christmas decor.  Final word on that.  Dear dogs.  We have a visitor coming today who will be staying for a week or two.  She's a tiny thing, and although I hear she likes to play with big dogs, I'm terrified you'll step on her and squish her.  Please behave?  Dear school.  Noooooooooooo!  Dear job.  Just call me already.  I'm waiting.  I'm willing.  I'm in the mood to punch kids er, mold young minds.  Dear husband.  I love you.  Dear sudden overload of pregnant bloggers and friends on Facebook.  Seriously?  Dear self.  You swore off children's photography, yet here you are with two new sessions booked.  Why can't you just say no?  Dear Germany.  I have quickly learned that fall in this area means, yes, gorgeous colors floating through the air and dotting the country side.  But it also means a helluva lot of fog every morning that lingers until around 10 or so, leaving me in a dream state.  I kinda like it.  But I'm kinda scared to drive in it, too, so let's just put that away for now, ay?



  1. I hope your husbands work stuff gets resolved! Stuff like that can be so stressful, and really mess a person up! You completely read my mind with all these mommy blogs! Not that I don't like them... but where the heck did they come from?!

    I came across your blog through the friday letters! I would love it if we followed eachother!!!

    Ouuu one last question? Is you name really English?! I loveeeeee it!

    xoxo Yesi <3

  2. Well, that brings a whole new meaning to "being in a fog."

    I too hope that things get better for both you and your husband, chaos and stress is bad, bad, bad. Shame on jobs that make people feel stressed.

  3. Adore the picture at the top of this post, it's beautiful! I know what you mean about the fog - here in Canterbury (UK) we had fog for 3 days straight, it was pretty but also a bit weird at the same time!!
    Stopping by from the link up - happy weekend x

  4. That picture is gorgeous! And yes to the ridiculous amount of pregnant people running around the internet. What is with that...

    You just left a really sweet comment on my blog (it's the journey) and I just wanted to say thanks for that. It was really kind of you :) He can apply for a few more years but he put in a really strong package this year so it was a little bit of a suprise. We're reslient though and I'm sure we'll be thinking up some new crazy plan by the end of the day :D


  5. Ah yes, fog! Switzerland has been blanketed with fog for three days if not more. I'm pretty over it because it means I can't see the mountains.

  6. love the photo! I know what you mean about children's photography-- it can me a handful and really stressful! loved your letters, thanks for linking up!


  7. I tell you when someone is pregnanty, it seems like the whole world and their momma is pregnant. I don't know what gives! Hope you enjoy your weekend!
    visiting from the link up.

  8. Cute photo!

    I swear, everyone is pregnant right now! Hubs and I have been trying for a year, so I'm sad I'm not a part of the group, but hopefully, it'll be soon!

    Do you want to be a teacher? I was a social studies HS teacher prior to becoming a stay at home mom. My how life changes. ;)

    Found you from the blog hop! Following via email subscription!


  9. I'm so excited for you and your photography biz!! :)

  10. I just found you on Friday Letters & I am now following you! I love your cute little blog! Its adorable! & I hope you have a great fun filled magical weekend. & yay to a little one coming to stay with you all hopefully your dog does will with it around :)

  11. Hi! I found you via Friday Letters, and as a fellow English-speaker in Germany (but English rather than American) I had to comment. The autumn colours here are gorgeous, aren't they? No fog in my part of Germany yet, thankfully, but I'm sure it will come...

  12. we get a lot of fog through the fall and "winter" here in San Diego. we call it the marine layer, but...same thing. it does make ya kind of sleepy/lazy. ;)

  13. We don't really celebrate Halloween here either, which is kind of sad, since it seems like fun! :(

    I hope your job calls you soon! I think once schools get to know you, and realise you are a reliable relief teacher, calls will become more frequent. It just takes a bit of time to start out. :)

  14. Fun filled, magical weekend - I'm jealous. My weekend consists of work, work and more work!


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