Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bookish Sundays: Next

Title: Next

Author: Michael Crichton

Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

Synopsis [c/o B&N]: "Welcome to our genetic world. Fast, furious, and out of control. This is not the world of the future— it's the world right now."
Overview: In an attempt to promote full disclosure, this book has terrible reviews.  Like, horrible.  No one likes it [ahem, except for me].  While I'm not a huge science fiction fan, mostly because I don't understand the terminology, I did like this novel.  Not for superb writing skills or amazing portrayals that boggle the mind or anything of that sort.  It just makes me think.
In a world where scientific revelations are a daily occurrence, and technological advances have drastically revolutionized our lives just over the past ten years, it's no wonder that this novel introduces a community in which the science community has gone haywire.  Patenting genes, and thus inhibiting others from receiving medical care?  Not being able to claim samples taken by doctors because you don't "own" the rights?  How much more ridiculous can the medical and scientific community get?
In a world where religion and science clash on a daily basis, this novel not only forced me to consider how little I know of science, but how drastically different science and religion have become.  I realize that there are quite a few contradicting messages in either "doctrine" [for lack of a better term], but weren't they partners at one point?  How have we drifted so far in our beliefs that we cannot take fact and belief together at one sitting?  
I'd love to hear your thoughts, not only on this particular novel, but on your thoughts when reading books that deal with science fiction, yet holds quite a bit of truth.

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