Friday, December 30, 2011

Presents from Home

We received our first package in our new house/country!!!

A wonderful treat from my family, and included a surprise card from my Grandmother, & was also accompanied by another surprise card from my Uncle!!!  Wonderful wonderful treats to make our Christmas a little better.

Tons of junk food.  Not helping my new diet, but I do love me some chocolate.

Wouldn't be a real Christmas [or package in general] without Goldfish.

Reindeer antlers.  :)  These made me & Ninja happy.

They made Sass angry.  

Oh, Caribou, how I miss you!

Amazing new toy for the pups!
Thank you, Mom & Dad & Hunter & Cole for such a great box!!!
Love, English, Timmy, Ninja & Sass

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A peek at the house, and some things I don't quite get

Not furnished at all, and random things here & there, but here is a gander at our new house.  Please excuse the clutter, I don't have anywhere to put "things" yet.  And sorry this post is so long...I just can't help but take tons of pictures.
View from our bedroom

Garage & driveway.  See that ledge?  Definitely already busted my butt off of it already.

Master bedroom.
Bedroom 2, aka the walk in closet

Upstairs hall.  Left door, walk in closet.  Right door, bathroom.
Left: bathroom.  First right: Walk in closet.  Second right: master bedroom.  Straight ahead: 3rd bedroom, currently storage room

Stairs looking down from top floor to bottom

Living room from entry way

Pantry #1

Tiny oven :(

Living room from patio.  Kitchen on right, entry way & stairwell on left

Downstairs looking into laundry room (right) & bonus room (left)

Laundry room.  Before you ask, I do miss my amazing washer & dryer from the States.

Bonus room, door to back yard

Back yard.  Puny, but good for late night potty outings

My house!  Not too pretty, but it works.

Entry way, stairs leading upstairs
Entry way.  Right: half bathroom.  Left: stairs up & down
I just don't understand some German things...
Okay, tub is there.  But why is the shower head in the middle of the wall?  Weird. 
Door.  Shut.

Door.  Open. 

Door.  Open from the top?  All doors & windows are like this.  Why???

Toilet a foot from the wall.  I'm the only person short enough to use this toilet.  What's the point?

My front door.  I can't leave the house without a key.  You HAVE to have a key to open it...very much a hassle.
Just a few more things...
Sass & Gloria the Hippo.

First meal in our new house.  Spaghetti!  

Sass being a cutie

One of the paths I walk with the pups

Lonely old bench
The End.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We are currently lounging around after stuffing ourselves full of amazing Christmas dinner.  Thank you Henke family for hosting us!

We moved into our house yesterday, and have two choices; lay down or stand up.  We have no furniture except for a blow up mattress, no rugs to protect our feet from the cold floors, and froze our butts off last night.  But at least we have a house!  I'm looking forward to receiving our household goods so I can use my own dishes and cooking ware, plus our bed...oh I miss my bed.

Timmy works on Sunday [Christmas], so I'll be back over at the Henke's so I don't spend the holiday alone.  We also had an early Christmas celebration, and I let the dogs & Timmy open their presents since we were all together.  We weren't supposed to do gifts, but I just couldn't help myself.  I wish I had remembered to upload the pictures of Timmy opening his gifts, but at least I have the pretty pictures of gifts under the tree.

And here is our Christmas dinner celebration.

Candy Cane Martini [without the candy cane]

If you're wondering where the blog posts are over the next couple weeks, there might not be very many.  We don't have internet in our new house yet, so I won't be able to post anything very often.  If you need me...please wait patiently.  I will get back to you eventually.  And Merry Christmas to everyone!!  Hope you have a fantastic weekend and holidays :).

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm a...

...guest on hello dearie!  

Remember these cute little hand warmers I talked about earlier?  Click the link above for the tutorial :)