Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday.  Here it goes.  Dear Husband.  Even though we see each other every day, I feel like I haven't really hung out with you in a super long time.  I'm excited for our weekend to come around so we can have some us time.  Dear base offices.  I. hate. you.  No one ever answers their phone, and when I decide to show up in person, you shoo me away for "training."  Bull.  I heard you laughing.  No one laughs when they're being trained because it sucks.  Dear new car.  You're not new new, but you're new to me, and I'm pretty happy with you.  I kind of feel like I'm in one of those toy battery cars, and am really nervous of large vehicles running over me, but you are fun and great on gas and that's all that matters.  Now time to show Timmy how to drive your manualness.  Dear new job.  Please just let me start working already.  I promise that I'm not some crazy person that's going to hack up small children and stow them in my tiny car.  They wouldn't even fit!  Dear Ninja & Sass.  For how much you two have been left at home on your own this week, you've only gotten into the pumpkins on the table.  I'm so proud of you!  Dear weekend.  Two photo shoots, lots of editing, cleaning, groceries, laundry, etc. etc. etc.  Yay.....  Dear readers.  My awesome ad swap partners and I have come up with something truly amazing to be hosted here on Be Freckled.  Keep an eye out on Monday to see what the surprise is!


  1. Hahaha your letter to your job.

    Also, I feel terrible that I never wrote back to your email about the thing for Monday! I am so behind on emails that I'm kind of just giving up :/ sigh.

  2. you are a champ if you can drive a manual. I flat out refuse. My husband has a mustang that is manual and I just have never driven it. He wants to teach me but I said "you know. I am going to be 27 and sometimes you just have to give up on learning things. I won't ever drive a stick, or water ski and I am quite okay with that!" :) thanks for linking up!

  3. oh I know what you mean about you not feeling like you've hung out with your husband. I feel so much the same sometimes, it's so good you two are taking time to enjoy eachother. That is so important in a marriage with all the routine of the daily. have a great date girl and happy friday.
    visiting from the link up! :)

  4. That picture is gorgeeous, you are talented! I love "new" cars too, we are going car shopping this weekend! Stopping by from the link up!

  5. Have a great weekend! but that's hilarious about your job! :) I loooove driving stick, but we just bought an automatic car so it's been a switch for me!

    new follower!!!

  6. Manual is not that hard. I learned on my first car when my Dad brought home a 1970s VW Bug for me when I was 17. Just get in and go! haha
    Yay for Monday's surprise. ;)
    Happy Friday, hope it's a good weekend.

  7. Omg yes! I'm actually trying to contact an office on base and they don't even have call waiting so I can't get through! Ugh. lol Why do they make it so difficult??

  8. LMAO at you hacking up small children and hiding them in your car! Gosh, surely your employer doesn't think you look THAT seedy!? :P


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