Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Favorites Swap

Back in September, I signed up for a Fall Favorites Swap.  The gist of the plan was to pick out some of my favorite fall items [food, clothes, scents, etc.] and send them to whomever I was partnered up with.  Lo and behold...I was able to send my favs to one of my fav people!  J of An Unstyled Life.  She'll show you what all I sent, so I will instead show off everything I got in return.
*Note: J cheated.  I'm seriously about to put together another box of stuff because she sent me soooo much!*
I kinda couldn't wait to open it, so I ripped into it in the car...

 Love the smell of this candle!  We have it burning almost 24/7
 Yes, the pumpkin came in the box!
Isn't this mug the absolute best?  So cute and festive, and I love it.
 A gorgeous patterned scarf to add to my collection.
I love love love the box!  And even better was the extremely sweet and probably made me cry card that came with it.  I'm not sharing that though.
I'm a little early, but as soon as the link goes up, I'll be adding my post to it to share with others.  Click HERE to visit and see what others received in the mail!


  1. LOVE that scarf! I swear my scarves secretly breed in my closet. I'm convinced. :P

  2. Whoa what a treat! I definitely need to start signing up for thigns like this!

  3. I swear I didn't cheat! LOL I just guesstimated on the prices! Also? Sorry for the box being a hot mess, B put the tape on the wrong side, and I had to rip it off and repack everything!

  4. yayy! love this swap! So excited to send and recieve mine! :):)

    such great stuff!

  5. Visiting from the swap link up...that mug is adorable!!

  6. ooh you received a huge box from the swap! i would be too excited to wait to open it at home, i have definitely been known to open up boxes even though i don't have any scissors while i am in the car. i am just too impatient to wait to open up gifts

  7. Love. I signed up for a holiday one. Looking forward to it!

  8. What a beautiful scarf! I'm a part of something similar- Foodie Pen Pals. Just received my box for the month and I got hot chocolate, too :)


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