Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sponsor Love

Um, so it's already the middle of October, and I'm just now getting around to covering some favorite posts written by Be Freckled sponsors.  Don't judge me.

I loved J's fashion overview of the Emmys [especially since I may need a little critiquing myself], kind of want to steal some of her ideas for redecorating her house, and was inspired to start counting my own blessings.  
Alex kind of creeped me out [in a good way] with her Spooky Saturday ghost story, and I absolutely loved looking through her photos from a recent trip to Tennessee.
Talia had my heart melting when she showed off pictures of the most adorable child in the world in her fashionable baby clothes, gave me twitchy "I-need-to-do-something-crafty" fingers when she showed off her restyled skirt, and actually kinda made me look forward to my next cold with her Honey-Lemon Tea.
Sarah shared an awesome baked apple recipe, shared a deeply personal story with all of her readers, and gave me a major travel bug when she shared her pictures from an outing in York.
LW inspired her readers with a fall bucket list and ways to take advantage of this season, probably made me a little teary eyed with her I Believe post, and [as usual] makes me ├╝ber jealous of her photo taking abilities.
Katie showed us all how much she really loves us when she shared her apple pancakes recipe, got me thinking when she wrote this, and I always love when she puts up her weekend pictures.
Mallory just happens to believe in a lot of the same things I do, decided to take a huge risk and try out for Blogger Idol, and made my heart melt with her pictures of dogs.
Chelsea always has some of the best photos to share, had me cracking up with her story about skunks, and
Melissa made me super jealous of her new car, shared her goals for life after their big move, and can you tell how much I love seeing other people's pictures?
Cynthia had a flashback to when she and her boyfriend first started dating, gave me more inspiration for the book theme, and I always love when others participate in Friday's Letters.

Just a few of my favorite blog posts from some of my favorite people!  Wander around, visit some new sites, make a couple friends.  You know you want to :)


  1. Love when you do these posts! (and love that I am now a part of them!) I have a lot of fun reading for today now! :)

  2. Ha, I echo what Katie said. Yay for new blogs to read and thanks for mentioning me! :) Happy Wednesday!

  3. Hmm, weird, I commented at work and it is not here! :(
    Well, I echo what Katie said, I enjoy finding new blogs to check out! And having new people find me. :) Happy Wednesday

  4. Thanks for the love dollface! :)


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