Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I think I'm stylish

Don't you?

I skipped Weekend in Pictures this week mostly because of the sponsor give away, but also because I honestly haven't taken any pictures lately.  All we've had to work with here in the Kaiserslautern area is rain, fog, and more rain.  The weather refuses to cooperate with me at all.  But, today starts the hubster's three day weekend, so here's to hoping he takes me out of this house and away from this gloom.  [pretending to raise my cup for a cheers, when in actuality I'm too afraid to do that near a computer.]
Despite not taking photos with the Nikon, I have done a little bit of Instagraming, so here's a 'mini' Weekend in Pictures.  No link up this time, but for sure next week.
Got my hairs cut and a little fringe just for kicks.
 This monster took up the entire road in every village we passed through.  Ridiculous.
 I headed out Christmas shopping in downtown K-Town :)
 Broke out my favorite mug and vanilla liquor to enjoy some spiked hot chocolate!
 I'm not going all out on decor, but I couldn't resist these pretty felt snowflakes to hang in windows.
 A very horrible picture of our new holiday centerpiece for the dining room table.
What did you get to enjoy over the weekend?  Hopefully not rain, like me.  Don't forget, there's a sponsor giveaway going on until Friday!  All the glitches have been fixed, so you should be able to enter as many times as you'd like now :)


  1. Yes! Definitely! I like the moustache! :P

  2. Love all your wintry activities. I'm feeling especially festive this year and all the decor makes me want to squeal with happiness whenever I see it.

  3. I totally miss holiday time in K-Town. And the sahne. Mmm...


  4. I NEED those glasses!! I also want the ones that have the flip up shades on them...so retro.

  5. Sweet glasses, I need some of those suckers. :)

  6. I love the spiked hot chocolate - it looks delicious! :)

  7. Spiked hot chocolate, count me in :)


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