Wednesday, November 7, 2012

There was this one time

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Remember these dogs?
These are, from left to right: Sass [mine], Rita, Ninja [mine], and Tetris.  I love my own pups, of course, but Rita & Tetris are just as darling.  Devilish, but darling.  They do tons of cute things that entertain me, like Rita wriggling in my lap to get petted, or Tetris & Sass constantly tugging on their respective ends of a rope.  But this isn't a story about them being cute.
I've watched the ladies on top of my two multiple times before.  I've walked them all a couple times a day, have learned to wrangle them in and out of a vehicle, taught them that it's not polite to fight over food.  Walking is the hardest part, but since mine can be let off leash while wandering through the woods, it's not as bad as it could be.  Only issues I usually have, and they're not even large ones, is when they all have to be put on leashes to allow another human and/or dog to pass by on the paths.  I find that it's easier to leash mine and step off the path and into the trees completely to let the other person walk by instead of trying to pull four dogs past another canine.  They've always done really well at listening to my commands, too.
This one time, though, not so much.  I pulled all four pups off the path to allow a woman and her American Bulldog look alike to walk by.  N, S, R & T were behaving exceptionally well that day, and would have continued to do so if the bulldog had minded his own business.  Instead, he decided to growl and bark at the four I'm holding onto, and lunge against his leash.  Owner drags him along, caught up in her own world.  Know what I was caught up in?  Leashes.  Completely tangled, looped around legs and arms and hands.  Four dogs that hear a strange dog growl at them?  They decide to do something about it.  So they take off.
My feet are immediately pulled out from underneath me, causing me to land on my back and get carried along.  The four now sled dogs pull me through the underbrush, mud, dirt, leaves, and who knows what else in an attempt to catch up with Mr. Bulldog.  German lady is swearing at me, running ahead on the path trying to stay out of reach, glancing back over her shoulder to yell incessantly and check on my status...I didn't quite catch what she said since I was completely bewildered at what was happening.  Oh, right.  Pulled along on ground, no way to stop dogs, please keep yelling at me, it'll help!
After a few heart racing moments, I manage to get my feet underneath me and pull three of the four dogs to a stop.  Sass got loose and terrorized the woman some more before heading back with a very cocky tilt to her head.  I'm standing in the middle of the path, bruised, battered, and caked in mud...and decide that it's probably in my best interest to just head home.  The dogs didn't fight me.  I think they could tell how shocked I was.
Lesson learned: German women with bulldogs won't help you sort your shit out.  Oh, and don't walk four extremely strong and protective dogs at the same time.


  1. OH NO! I can't imaging walking four large dogs... or getting dragged through the mud!! EEK!

  2. This had Dad and I laughing. Where is the camera when you need it?



  3. You're so small! Are you ok? It's a great story, but must have been pretty scary. Some people just aren't considerate...that lady should have some seriously bad karma. Xx

  4. Oh man. Nothing bothers me more than when people go "my dog's friendly!" and then let them come right up in my dog's space. My dog's not so friendly (to other dogs), so keep yours reigned in!
    Sorry you got pulled all around! I can't even do both of our labs at once, I can't imagine 4 dogs.

  5. Oh goodness....that sounds like a nightmare. :(

  6. Oh my gosh! THAT is why I don't even have one tiny dog, let alone four enormous ones! :O
    Also, Ninja and Tetris are awesome dog names! LOL! :)


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