Friday, November 2, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog

Sometimes it's really cold in my house.  And sometimes, it's okay to not look fantastic on camera.



  1. Haha....I love that you rethought it and decided you can go a day without your hubs and too girl, me too :)

  2. Great video! I wish I loved coffee - I need the caffeine. I stick with the Rockstars which are HORRIBLE for you!

  3. Question: Why is it so cold in your house? And this makes me miss coffee:-( Glad you linked up again girl!

  4. I usually don't watch these because I read a lot of blogs at work...
    you're voice is so cute. :P
    I hate being cold in my house! It doesn't get "that" cold in San Diego but we do get a chilly/wet mini-season and it's nice to have heat to turn on!
    I think my iPod would be on my list.

  5. Oh yes to coffee!!!! Definitely!!! :D
    Also, why the heck is your house so freezing!?


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