Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Secrets Anonymous

Erin at Living in Yellow recently blogged about secrets.  Then she turned the floor over to her readers, and allowed them to anonymously post their own dirty laundry on the web.  I'm going to give all of you the exact same chance.
Have a secret that you won't let a single soul know?  Want to let it out, but can't for fear you'll be judged?  Well, here is your opportunity to share your secrets in public without anyone knowing who wrote it.  I'll even be typing up my own secrets in the comments!

Have weird quirks?  Accidentally shat yourself in public?  Can't take off your shoes in front of company because of the smell?  Crop dust your office on a regular basis?
You can tell us.
No one will ever know it was you, I swear.  Just use the "anonymous" option when commenting.

Annnnddd, the more people who comment?  The better.  Some of these are going to be hilarious, I can feel it.  So, gather up your blogger friends and have them post as well, and let the secrets begin.


  1. Okay, I'm going to do this later, on anon, but I just had to say that I almost died at "shat yourself in public?" SO GREAT okay now I'm going away for a few hours so as to not be overly obvious about my horrific secrets bye

  2. Earlier this year I blogged excitedly about my awesome new job. It looked so good, and I felt really luckily to have been offered it.

    The reality of what happened to me there could not have been more different. Long story short, I wound up with a coworker who can only be described as an abusive bully. Everything from shouting at me, to belittling me in front of others, to undermining my professional decisions.

    I lasted three months. I left two days after my birthday and it was the best thing I have ever done. I now have a new (albeit temporary, and not as well paid) job with awesome colleagues.

    I will never forget how I was treated, but I hope that in time the urge to sneak past my former workplace and key her car will pass. :)

  3. Heaven forbid my husband ever die, or we ever divorce, but if something did happen: I will never ever ever marry/date a mouth breather again.

  4. I crop dust my workers on a daily basis. I even broke a toilet at work once with the a massive sized poop. When sanitation went in to go plunge it, he said it looked like a grizzly bear took a shit. I'm not really all that embarrassed, they should be thanking me for finally getting them a decent toilet.

    Big Poop. Big Dreams.

  5. I once killed a man. I've never spoken a word of it until just now. Thanks for letting me share.


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