Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday.  Hey there, good lookin'.  Okay, maybe just cloudy lookin'.  Dear new job.  You're going really well!  I only had a one person ask me to turn in homework, a few double checked to make sure I wasn't a student, and one student laugh in my face when I told him I was the sub.  Not too shabby!  I think I can do this.  Dear husband.  I tried to drag you out of bed this morning because you told me you would wake up with me to hang out and walk the dogs together before I had to leave to meet friends.  You didn't get up.  You actually just pulled the covers over your head and went back to sleep.  So, just a heads up, I'm a tad irritated with you at the moment.  Dear pups.  Looks like it's just the three of us this morning, but that's nothing new.  Dear baby bro.  I'm so proud of you!  Being picked for the all-star football team, and being able to play in the Minneapolis Metrodome is so freaking cool!  I'm glad you had this opportunity.  Dear husband.  You gave me my Christmas present early, so I won't be mad at you anymore.  Dear readers.  I've been completely MIA this week, and I apologize, especially since there are so many awesome followers.  I promise that next week I'll be more on top of it.  Dear WSU-Online.  I picked my classes.  I signed up for classes.  I'm officially dreading classes.  Dear weekend.  Please be epic for me!  I need some excitement in my life.


  1. What a gorgeous picture!!


  2. That photo is awesome. Yay for a good first week on the job :)

  3. Love that photo! Hers hoping you get your epic weekend :)

  4. Beautiful photo! I need to jump on board the friday letters bandwagon...
    New follower from Friday Chaos hop :)
    Char X

  5. Yep... I was stopped a few times for ID when i was student teaching. (Granted that was...15 years ago, but at the time I was surprised.)
    Happy weekend!

  6. I love the picture! So gorgeous.

    New follower!


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