Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week[end] in Pictures

I've been busy spending time with the family [and therefore laughing, talking, goofing off, and anything else we can think of].  Here is a quick update of events via pictures, none of which are edited.  Oh well.  Hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far, I know I am!

This is a public park in Rochester, MN.  This is my brother about to jump into a public fountain.  Welcome to my crazy family.
Boys and I spent the day in the Twin Cities 

I want this Vespa.  Predictably found outside of an Urban Outfitters in the Cities.

Since our birthdays are so close in June, we go to a Japanese steakhouse every year to celebrate.
Trooping out to a pretty spot for family pictures. 
Me, Veronica, Hunter, Cole.  I am the oldest sibling, and by far the shortest member of our family.  WTH.
Awkward family photo...where's Hunter?!
Spent a day with my three best friends from high school.  Love these ladies!!!
P.s.  I have been nominated for two amazing blog awards from some pretty cool people.  I'll be responding to those and awarding some of my own favorites when I have a chance!  So honored and privileged, and can't wait to bestow the same treat on others!


  1. Even without editing, these pictures are gorgeous. I especially love the family pic where your brother is sneaking in the background :)

  2. hahahah these were great! I love the pic with your brother in the background. I can see my friends and I taking pictures like that.

    And my gosh how tall are you?? They make you look dwarf size! LOL.

    Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying Uhmurrica!!!

  3. Also I forgot to mention but your shade of red is just absolutely breathtaking. We all know how I feel about red hair. Yours may just be my favorite!!!

  4. Such great pics! That tall grass photo is awesome...but I'd constantly be paranoid of TICKS - call me weird.

  5. haha! You are so much shorter! I cracked up at your caption! Oh, and that vespa is AMAZING!

  6. Great photos! You all look sooo grown up, I can't believe it!

  7. I love that Vespa, and the awkward family photo is hilarious! It took me a minute to spot the guy walking up in the background! Ha!

  8. Did you make it to the Mall of America? Not my favorite place in the world as I am not a retail shopper, but my kids LOVE Lego Land and Underwater Adventures. :)

    The "spoon" how very Minnesotan...lol!

    I am SO glad that you are having fun on your trip!


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