Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sponsors Tribute, Part 1

Nothing at all like the Hunger Games tribute, so please don't think I expect my sponsors to compete to the death...

I'm so honored to have some wonderful ladies behind Be Freckled who lend their support and praise to the blog.  Here they are, in no particular order, along with some of my favorite posts they've written in the past.  Part 2 will include the the remainder and will be posted tomorrow.  [Click the photos for links to their webpages]


LWLH is an amazing lady that tells it how it is, and allows her readers insight into her everyday life with Big Man and her pup, Mia.  Her enthusiasm, no-nonsense attitude, and amazing photography keep me looking forward to every new post!  Take a look at some of her talent:

Here she captures some small summer moments in a Loves of Life photo challenge
The awesome proposal story of when she and Big Man got engaged!
On her 1000th post, she showed off some amazing ferris wheel photos.  Swoon!


Two Dogs, A Cat, & a DIY Life is run by the cutest couple and their mini animal family.  After starting their blog to record their memories upon getting married, it has grown to include vegan recipes, tips for bloggers, tips for those moving, and tons and tons of gorgeous gorgeous photographs.  

I love the story of how they put their mattress on the balcony in Mexico to enjoy the peace of the beach.
Their Wordless Wednesday photographs are always killer
Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at the stupid things your pets do


Patricia is a sassy red head that has taken the lemons life has given her, and thrown them at people.  Who needs lemonade?!  Her talented writing skills, painting talents, and scathing sense of humor all keep me well entertained.  Plus, she's about as real as it gets; no "perfect life" facade for her.

Her husband recently told their love story in his own words
Thankfully she likes to share her quirky sense of humor with her readers
Her life growing up is heart-breaking, but she had the courage to bare it all


Danielle hosts a blog with fashion and beauty tips [which if you know me at all, I desperately need].  Despite an undiagnosed illness that effects her everyday life, she is continuously upbeat and motivated to accomplish her dreams.  Between basic beauty tips, she also does product reviews to help you make the best purchasing decisions.  PLUS she has tons of giveaways!!!

This short post gives inspiration to those feeling down
That time her dog lied had me cracking up!
She talks about looking for love, and the traits she searches for in a man


Jennifer talks about her every day life with a very straight forward attitude, and manages to juggle so much, it kind of exhausts me to think about it!  Between school, family, work and other obligations, I'm not sure how she manages to keep up with a blog, but I'm sure glad she does.

Her Friday's Letters are awesome and sometimes hilarious.  Stupid carpet shampooer!
I absolutely love this post about her cat, and what she decided to name her
The way she describes her family makes me giggle, but it's so amazing how they've opened their home


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  1. I love the Hunger Games reference, that made me laugh! :)

  2. Bahaha, It's probably a good thing taht you're not making them fight to the death!


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