Monday, June 18, 2012

It's My Birthday!

Today, I am officially 24 years old.  Not sure how I feel about that; seems kind of insignificant.  I haven't decided if I think my maturity level is on par with my age, either.  Some days, definitely not.  Some days, I feel older.  Today; definitely the former.  I'm a kid when it comes to celebrating my birthday.

Have you ever seen more miserable looking dogs?  But I forced them.  It's my birthday, you see.

Excuse the drool...I was keeping them in place with treat temptations.

She hated this hat.  But, it's my birthday, so she had to wear it.

Ice cream, wine, and Bailey's.  Yes, this is my dinner.  Don't judge me; it's my birthday.  
P.s., the Bailey's was a gift from a lovely friend.  I'm not allowed to drink it except on holidays, and we all agree that today is very much a holiday.

I swear the candle was lit, it's just not showing up in the picture.  And so what if my bowl of ice cream could possible equal the entire gallon that I's my birthday.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!

edited to include this photo by mi padre:

This is the original birthday celebration.  A family tradition of celebrating both my sister and mine's birthdays [since they're so close together].  Japanese steakhouse!!!  Notice the awkward faces in the bottom left?  And how 'bout those masks they made us wear when they sang to us?!


  1. Bahahaha the pups in the party hats made my day! ;) Happy Birthday to you.

  2. Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday!! I hope it's absolutely sensational!!


    Plus I love the wise and withering look one of your dogs is giving the camera (and you presumably) in the first photo of them in the hats.


  4. LOL at the creepy masks! Love the dogs in the hats too, I'm impressed you got them to keep them on!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I'm insanely jealous you were able to get your dogs to wear those hats!!

  6. Happy Birthday! We're so close... mine was the 14th ;)

  7. love it and love the pup!

  8. Happy belated birthday! I love the dogs in hats - very cute! :)


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