Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Morning

I like sleeping.  A lot.  Maybe a tad too much, but it is just so enjoyable to me.  However, I dragged myself out of bed before any light showed up to take photos of the sunrise over the ocean.  Totally and completely worth it.

By far my favorite
I could do this every day.  Now, I'm back off to the beach to enjoy the sun and warmth for the day, and plan on taking some sunset pictures as well tonight!


  1. Gorgeous pictures!!! Enjoy your besch day!!

  2. Lovely pictures!!


  3. Wow! Gorgeous photos! I like the last one the most too. :)

  4. oh geez English these are BEAUTIFUL. I had no idea you were close to the ocean! Awesome :D

  5. These photos are stunning! You have such a great eye for the camera! :)

  6. gah, GORGEOUS photos. Totally worth getting out of bed. :P



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