Monday, June 25, 2012

Thrift Store Decor

As you all know, I'm pretty addicted to thrift store shopping.  I even made sure to do some while in the US, and shipped it home to myself to display in some pretty perfect areas.  Here's a few things I found while in Minnesota and South Carolina...

I love thrifted jewelry.  It's fascinating to think of the history behind each unique piece.
Thrifted, $8

Frame has a matching sister, but it needs to be glued back together since it didn't make the trip in one piece.
Marshall's, $12

Mom & I found this in a thrift store, and created an elaborate story of our long lost cousin.  I can't quite remember the details, but I do know his name is Boy.
Thrifted, $3

This is Boy's barn.  Well, it is in my mind anyway.
Thrifted, $1

Wall of frames grows steadily larger.  Yes, the flower picture is not perfectly center.  Yes it drives me crazy.
Entire collection [including those not seen in photo] thrifted, around $20 total

These figurines made the perfect addition to my buffet.
Thrifted, $6 total

And as promised, a view of how my $30 buffet now fits into the dining room.  Eventually, a large ornate mirror will replace the poster, and will be framed by photos I've taken.  No, I do not have the patience or desire to create the image of the most perfectly put together home ever, so I don't bother shutting doors and moving fans or putting things away.

With the exception of the bookcases and books [and bottle of wine] everything in photo was thrifted or purchased used, including dining table, chairs, wine glasses, fan, etc.


  1. Your house is adorable!!! Agh I am always jealous of people who know how to decorate. Also that ring is just gorgeous.

  2. okay, seriously, i need to go thrifting! all of these are just too amazing for words. especially "boy", your long lost cousin ;)
    xo TJ

  3. I LOVE thrift store shopping. California has tons... I just am trying hard not to end up "hoarding" lots of junk :)

  4. I LOVE that buffet. I want! I need to hit up the thrift stores!

  5. $20...hope you ran...cause it was a steal!!


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