Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Letters

The Ray Fam [left to right]: Mom, Cole, me, Dad, Veronica, Hunter
Dear Friday.  It's kind of bittersweet to see you today.  In three days, I will be boarding a flight to return to Germany, and therefore no longer visiting my family.  On the other hand, I'll get to see the pups after a very long two week separation.  Dear Bethmom.  [aka, the grandmother]  Thank you so much for allowing me to overtake your house for so long!  It has been wonderful spending so much time with you and Waltwee, sitting on the front porch talking and making adventures out of everyday activities.  I miss you already, and I haven't even left yet!  Dear Mom, Dad, Veronica, Hunter & Cole.  My trip to see you in Minnesota was waaaay too short, but much needed.  I loved every single second of every day, and wish I lived closer to make it happen more often.  I love you all so much!  Dear Veronica.  Happy belated 20th birthday!  I can't believe you're at this point...I feel so old.  Dear Alyssa, Janan, & Kelli.  I loved spending Saturday and Sunday with you three.  I felt a little like the fourth musketeer returning home and reuniting with the group I belong to.  You three are the absolute best friends a girl could have!  Dear Germany.  I'm coming home soon, so please be on your best behavior.  I'm now used to balmy, sunny weather, and need to maintain my freckle decoration [which definitely can't happen with gross weather].  Dear Charleston.  I loved touring your streets again, and have picked out a few houses that would like to live in one day.  See you again soon.  Dear USA.  I love your shopping opportunities.  Dear airports.  By the time I arrive in Frankfurt Tuesday morning, I will have seen eight different airports in a two week period.  I hope to not see another one for a very long time.  It's exhausting.  Dear readers.  Sorry I've been so MIA the past few weeks, but I promise to be up and running again soon!  Dear Husband.  Two months.  Dear self.  You've been run a little ragged, so you are allowed a couple days to relax and recuperate.  BUT you have tons of summer activities to do, so no falling into lazy habits!



  1. So glad your having fun while your here in the States! But you will be seeing an airport next year when you see me and J's pretty faces!

  2. I hope you have a safe and uneventful trip back to Germany. :)


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