Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters.

Dear Friday.  I'm amazed that you're coming around more and more quickly.  This deployment might just start to fly by.  Dear Birthday.  You were tons of fun, even if it was celebrated by myself.  Seeing the dogs in those party hats definitely made the hassle worth it!  Dear Alyssa.  Please buy your plane ticket soon!  I'm dying to start planning our adventures for when you visit.  Dear Tetras & Rita.  I love you two dearly, and know that Ninja & Sass are stoked to have their two besties stay for two weeks.  But, please remember that four dogs vs. one human is a little overwhelming.  You four need to be on your best behavior.  Dear Sass.  That means you.  Dear pups.  I know you thought it was a game yesterday, but that running back to the house after our walk was legit.  The thunderstorm came up on us a lot quicker than I thought it would.  Dear German lace cafe curtains.  Seriously, what is the point?  I can see straight through you into the house.  Why doesn't Germany sell solid fabric cafe curtains?  Dear Germany.  Why don't you sell solid fabric cafe curtains?!  Dear sewing machine.  We may have a project on our hands in the near future.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday I hope you had a nice day :) Sheer curtain fabrics are a waste of time if you ask me, if they're not blockout enough to walk around naked in your own home then there's no point to them!
    Saying hi from Dear Fridays link up party, have a fab weekend :)

  2. I feel like time is flying too!! 4 dogs vs 1 human. I've been there and made it out alive but good luck!!!

  3. No Dear Husband?

  4. Ha! Let me know if you end up using a sewing machine.. I am dying to learn that thing!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday my love!!

  6. you are so adorable! I loved all of your letters this week, thanks for linking up with me!


  7. Supa Fly Azn Guy aka the Husband or just TimmyJune 22, 2012 at 7:08 PM

    Yeah...where is Dear Husband this week?...Hrmmmmm wifey?


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