Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

*Excuse the quality of photos.  No chance to edit this weekend.*  I've never really taken pictures of the house before because I was never really happy with it.  It felt more like just a space to live in for a while than an actual home.  Well, this past weekend, I did some rearranging and some hanging of decor...and I love it!!!  There's tons of work to be done, and more thrift stores to hunt through for the perfect additions, but it's coming together perfectly.

Have made the decision that I will never hang curtains in the living room.  I just love letting the light flow in so much!  But I do need to find something to frame the window...
With the exception of bookcases and patio chairs sufficing as dining rom chairs, everything in this room was thrifted.
I used the photo booth backdrop from our reception as a curtain in the doorway.
Found the little silhouettes hidden in a German thrift shop.  Perfect addition to my growing wall of frames!
No good angle for this since it's on the spiral staircase, but a showing of my animal obsession.

Another owl for the collection.

Home made pita chips and feta dip [the rest of the chips are cooling on a rack...we're not just sharing one...] for girl's night
Girl's night desert: fruit & home made whip cream parfait
The sunshine left us for the weekend to be replaced with cooler [but not cold] rainy few days.  I actually didn't mind one bit...helped ease some of the humidity.  Thrifting, rearranging, decorating, and girl's night is how I spent my past few days.  OH!  And I finished my first ever semester of college!  I do feel super important and grown up right now.  And am definitely looking forward to this summer break.

How was your weekend?  Do anything spectacular?


  1. You have a lovely dwelling! What about using some of your spectacular photography to frame your window above your sofa?

    For our was The Avengers. Completely fabulous in every way! :)

    1. Ah! I can't wait to see the Avengers! I'm having a "by myself date" sometime this weekend, which will include a movie and tons of food that is really bad for you.

      I should use some pictures...but I'll probably wait until I am good enough to capture some that I love. I like most of them right now, but I know I can do better with practice and time.


  2. Wow I love your house especially your living room! :)


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