Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guest Post from Lissa

Today, Lissa from through the looking glass and I have decided to swap blogs!  She's guesting here, and I'll be over on her amazing site.  So, check out her awesome post here, then feel free to visit her blog to say hello, and let her know how fantastic she is :)

hello, be freckled readers!
my name's lissa & i'm visiting from over here.
truth be told, i met english just last week via a link up.
she is just so kind & sweet... who wouldn't like her blog?
her photographs are amazing & she's such a talented lady.

we moved to the beach last fall for my graduate program 
& ever since the crazy idea of moving down south came up, 
i've been daydreaming of summers by the beach and now, here we are!
the photo above was taken our first day here. (we clearly didn't waste any time!)

growing up, my brother & i would make lists with 10 things we wanted to do every summer.
now that i'm married, jay & i have been making lists, too. last summer we got everything done!

here's my summer to-do list:

1. go to the beach once a week.

2. use our date night budget for ice-cream 
or little local places on the boardwalk.

3. attend at least 3 free concerts.

4.  go hiking with friends.

5. have a sunset picnic at least once on the beach.

6. find a local drive in & go.

7.  visit the zoo.

8. go thrifting in a nearby city.

9. reserved for something special. 

10. reserved for something special.  

as you can tell, i'm pretty serious about my list so i'm 
saving the last 2 for something special when they come to me.
come visit me here & let me know what's on your list this summer!

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