Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guest Post from J

J has to write one of my favorite blogs to read.  She's open, honest, hilarious, and extremely supportive of her blogger friends.  Not to mention she is a hoot on Twitter.  And if I think she's awesome, it's the truth.  So you should think she's awesome, too.

Hey, y'all! I'm J, and I blog over at An UnstyledLife. I'm so excited to be a sponsor of English's blog!

Last week when I introduced English on my blog,
she did a quick little rundown about herself and her blog, and I loved it so
much, I figured I'd do the same! Here is my Top Ten Things About J list.
1) I married my husband, B, when I was 20 years
young. Yup, 20. We've been married for nearly 6 years now, and I've never
regretted marrying him so young. Sometimes you just know, ya know?

2) A little over two years ago, we welcomed our
sweet baby girl, M, into our lives. She has since grown into a *very* independent
toddler, with the attitude of a 15 year old, but she makes up for it in cuddles
and cuteness.

3) We live in a teeny town with a population
somewhere around 2,000, where everyone knows everyone else. And their business.
4) I work part time as a bail bondsman, and I
also own an event planning company.
5) We have a mini farm here at our house. We have
a hen and rooster, two ducks, a goose, two cats, two dogs, and a handful of
fish. We also have a horse, but she is boarded out a farm because we don't have
room for her here at our house.
6) I live in Texas, and believe 100% that it's
the greatest state ever. You'd have to pay me a great deal of money to move
7) Even though I live in Texas, I'm a diehard
Alabama fan. Roll Tide, baby, Roll Tide.
8) I'm extremely proud of being from the South.
Our tea is sweet, our accents are funny, and everything is a bit slower paced.
It's more than a place, it's a way of life. Things are different down here, and
I wouldn't have it any other way.
9) I am completely obsessed with anything social
media. Twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, tumblr. If it's social media
related, I'm all over it.
10) I'm a bit of a perfectionist. OK, maybe more
than a bit. I like things perfect, and my OCD dedencies run crazy sometime, which
means I spend a lot of time making lists and obsessing over tiny details. It
drives my husband crazy.
So, there ya have it, ten very random facts about
me. My blog is pretty much a modge podge of completely random things. I blog
about my life, things that I love (read: pretty, shiny, sparkly things), and
anything that strikes my fancy. So come by, grab a glass of sweet tea, and stay
awhile. I'll be happy to have you!


  1. Going to have to go an visit your blog now! Yay for pretty, shiny, sparkly things! :)


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