Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tattoo Fiend

I love tattoos.  Seriously.  Love them.  I currently have....[I had to pause here to count them] 14 I think.  This may be a wrong number.  I honestly can't remember how many I have on my back.

Timmy & I, 2011
Timmy & I, 2010
Mother, sister & I showing off our matching tattoos, 2010

And there are a few more that you honestly will never see because it would require me taking off too many clothes.  Point of this story is: I'm going home in two weeks.  Back in the good old U.S. of A., and I'm trying to take advantage of it; who knows when I'll be home again?!  Thrifting, yard sale-ing, Target shopping.  And possibly a new tattoo.  Or a piercing.  Or both.  [The hubby already ok'd anything and everything].  Now I just have to decide what to get, and where.  I've been online looking at various tats, and while I wouldn't necessarily get all of them, I do like them.  A lot.

Seriously love this camera tattoo, including its placement.  Love me some knuckle art.  Source
I want an owl badly.  Something simple and pretty, and on the under side of my upper arm.  Source
Okay, you know this is awesome.  Harry Potter rocks, and this tattoo makes me LOL.  Source
I love Egyptian mythology, and Horus is probably my favorite 'god'.  So the Eye of Horus somewhere, eventually.  Source.
These are so pretty.  Source.
I want one on the inside of my ring finger so badly.  Maybe I'll just do it.  Source. 
Mustache finger tattoo.  Very big craze right now, and I love it.  Probably won't happen though...too trendy.  Source.
I'll have to think hard about it.  I know whatever I get will be not very large since my extra skin space is already reserved for future projects.  But a little something somewhere unobtrusive wouldn't be too bad, right?!


  1. Love that camera one!! I'm waaaayy to chicken to get one but I can't wait to see what you get!!

  2. I love tattoos too! I'm very picky about placement---I see tattoos on other people that I could never pull off, I could never do something as drastic as like a full sleeve or a chest piece, but still, I'm a tattoo fiend. It runs in the family. Both my parents have them and my dad even showed me how to ink myself using a needle and a motor from a tape player (lol, he was in prison for two years...)

    Anyway, I love unique tattoos and that Harry Potter one really stood out to me! What an awesome little tat!!! I had no idea you had so many, I only have two and I feel like such a hardass ;) But yeah I agree with not getting tattoos that are trendy. Or stereotypical either (Chinese letters anyone?)

    Getting a tattoo or piercing would be awesome while you're home!!! And have fun while you're here. I'm sure seeing America will be awesome beyond words, I'm happy for you.

    1. *guilty face* Chinese symbol on my wrist. I totally hopped on the bandwagon for that one. I feel a little justified since I had to know Chinese characters for Korean, but I still feel like a walking cliche. Oh well. Two tattoos is better than none in my opinion, mine aren't even that cool and I still walk around like I'm the best person ever. I have a sleeve planned [pirate themed!!!], a huge elephant for my back, and a couple on my legs I want done. But this time, I think it'll just be an owl. They're my favorite.

  3. Love the camera one! & the Harry Potter one is too cute! Can't wait to see what you get! :)

  4. I love tattoos too, I have 4 but one I want to get covered and the other I want to add more too. Probably won't get ant this summer but I hope by next to get the rest of my rib one done.

    My favorite is the camera one and the infinity.


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