Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Letters

My friend had a baby!  This is Alexandra Clarice, and she's absolutely adorable.
Dear Friday.  You're here.  I'm still in Germany.  This was not the plan, but I'm trying very hard not to freak out on everyone.  I can go with the flow...maybe.  I'll try to, anyway.  Dear Military Passenger Terminal.  You kind of lied to me.  I get military flights are always a little up in the air, but changing from a total of 7 flights headed to the US to 2 is rude.  I never managed to make it out of the country yesterday because you started being so fickle.  Dear Husband.  Seriously, you're the best.  Thank you for buying me a ticket home and putting up with my slight hysteria yesterday.  I adore how family is more important to you than anything else in the world, and that you were willing to do anything and everything in order to let me see mine.  I love you so much.  Dear School Kids.  You are ridiculously annoying, rude, and incompetent.  Just stay out of my way and maybe I won't karate chop your ass.  Dear Humidity.  Holy crap, you are intense.  Dear Pups.  I'm going to miss you so much while I'm gone.  But, I'm not gonna lie...last night was the best night of sleep I've gotten in a while.  Dear Germany.  Thank you for such beautiful, warm weather this week.  I'm struggling a little with the difference in weather between here and the California coast that I'm used to, but I can still appreciate how wonderful it is!



  1. That sucks that you got stuck in Germany, boooo. But yay for your awesome hubster for coming to the rescue!!

  2. Beautiful picture! Hope you make it home quickly. (can't wait to see you california pics haha) So we kicked our dog off our bed (heartbreaking) but it's amazing how much better we sleep when there isn't a 100# dog we're trying to accommodate!

  3. Never mind my last comment. Sorry things didn't work out!!
    Your husband sounds like a keeper.
    And ohmygosh. School kids. Can't handle them... Welcome to german summers - this is not even as bad as the humidity gets. In fact, it's mild. Ugh.
    Happy weekend!

  4. Crossing my fingers for ya! I love the pups letter... that sounds so familiar. PS - I 'nominated' you for the Liebster Award here!

  5. Is the humidity not totally gross?! I'm so over it already hahaha!

  6. Uh oh! I hope you get to leave soon and aren't stuck for too much longer! :O

  7. aw that stinks! I would hate being stuck somewhere unfamiliar like a german airport! haha loved your letters this week, thanks for linking up with me!



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