Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Today, I am walking around the city of Prague with my hunny, enjoying one last impromptu road trip before he is forced to return to work like a normal person.  Next time we'll be able to head anywhere major will most likely be December for Christmas Markets, so I'm taking full advantage of this one.  Until we arrive home on Wednesday, enjoy some photos from our weekend at the Bad D├╝rkheim Wurstmarkt!

 Enjoying the wine.  They don't give you small amounts just to try...they give you an entire glass.

 Ride through the haunted house

 Timmy tried to win me didn't work out.
 A view from the swings

 We gave one of the waiters a camera to take a group shot of us, but they were having a difficult time figuring it out

 The result was pretty good

 All those white roofs cover the wine tasting booths.  There were dozens of options!

 Cindy & I riding the swings.  We're the second from the top :)

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