Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bookish Sundays: Lullaby

Title: Lullaby

Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Category: Fiction

Synopsis [c/o Barnes & Noble]: "Ever heard of a culling song? It’s a lullaby sung in Africa to give a painless death to the old or infirm. The lyrics of a culling song kill, whether spoken or even just thought. You can find one on page 27 of Poems and Rhymes from Around the World, an anthology that is sitting on the shelves of libraries across the country, waiting to be picked up by unsuspecting readers.
Reporter Carl Streator discovers the song’s lethal nature while researching Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and before he knows it, he’s reciting the poem to anyone who bothers him. As the body count rises, Streator glimpses the potential catastrophe if someone truly malicious finds out about the song. The only answer is to find and destroy every copy of the book in the country. Accompanied by a shady real-estate agent, her Wiccan assistant, and the assistant’s truly annoying ecoterrorist boyfriend, Streator begins a desperate cross-country quest to put the culling song to rest.
Written with a style and imagination that could only come from Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby is the latest outrage from one of our most exciting writers at work today."
Overview: If you were not a fan of Fight Club, then you probably shouldn't read any of the author's other books.  Since I happened to enjoy both the movie and the novel, I thought I'd give Palahniuk a go; and I was not disappointed.  Easily just as messed up and trippy as Fight Club, you'll read Lullaby with a sense of disbelief and awe.  A song that kills people?  It's a tragedy that leaves more than one unsuspecting character with a feeling of loss.  Thankfully, one reporter is willing to track down and rip out the page that holds this lullaby, and thus rid the world of one more evil.  Will he succeed?  No one knows.
You may think that I'm a tad loony for liking such twisted story lines; you may actually be right.  But in my defense, even if the novel had an awful plot, I would still love it.  Palahniuk is an amazing author, and writes in such a way that captures the reader from the get go.  If you're willing to try something different and decide to read the suggested novel, let me know how you enjoy it.  Or, if you'd prefer, pick up one of his other novels, such as Airplane, Survivor, Choke, or many others.  Some are pretty awesome, some not so enjoyable, but I'll leave the decision up to you.

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