Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Letters

Locks of Love on the Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
Dear Friday.  You're here.  Damn.  Dear Husband.  Thank you so much for taking me to Prague this week.  Having a few days to ourselves without pups to take care of, work to think about, or photos to edit was absolutely wonderful.  Must happen again.  Dear feet.  You are bruised and blistered and unhappy...I apologize for abusing you the past few days, but at least you got to walk in a new place?  Dear Prague.  I love your sites and cuisine.  But I don't think I'll be going were a one time deal.  Dear Husband.  Please don't go back to work anymore.  Last night was lonely without you...time to become hobos and not have jobs.  Dear time.  Please slow down!  You're flying by awfully quickly, and soon it will have been a year since we arrived on this continent.  It can't have been the long already!  Dear super duper busy schedule for the rest of the year.  We can do this.  Right? Dear Steve Madden boots.  You are the cutest things I've ever owned.  I wish you actually fit so I could wear you; time to send you back and start looking for different ones :(.  Dear Germany.  Traveling your back roads to get home yesterday was an awesome treat.  I love you so.


  1. What a cute always, you just have a way with making these Friday letters the cutest out of anyone who writes them! Hobos...too cute! Maybe you two should take up small farming and work together when you get back to the states. You would not be lonely and if you needed time can each work on the other side of the farm. LOL!

    Those pictures are beautiful! I love that air balloon in the corner...very different from the what is here in the states. And...those are the biggest energy spots I have seen on a photo in a long time, the four on the right hand side. Did you have many of those in your Prague pictures? I have heard that lots of people get those in their photos around places like Prague so I was curious. :)

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Both those pictures are amazing... I so want to come to Germany and visit you!! :)

  3. Ahh so jealous of your European living/travels, how amazing!! The pictures you took are great too!

    Thanks for the blog love! :-)

  4. I miss Germany so much. Am thinking about going to Prague. Any top tips, sights or bars i should definitely see? Xx


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