Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday.  Everyone else celebrates you because you're the beginning of their weekend.  Mine doesn't really start until Sunday, the hub's first day off of work.  So to me, you're a Thursday.  No one likes Thursdays.  Dear Husband.  This week at work has been difficult for you, so I know it's really easy to stay in a bad mood the rest of the day.  But can you brighten up a little?  Your grumpiness makes me want to avoid you.  Dear pups.  A whole day of playing with friends yesterday while I got to sit and chat with some wonderful ladies.  You guys are spoiled rotten.  Dear new friends.  I'm so happy I found the Facebook page that connects me with other women in the area.  It's wonderful to be meeting new people!   Dear Husband.  Thank you for letting me take a couple evenings away from home to socialize.  I'm sure you were happy to spend time on the computer or PS3 without me interrupting as well.  Dear weather.  You've definitely gotten cooler, forcing me into sweatshirts and sweaters when I leave the house.  Ironically, the fact that my house is even more cold inside than outside already encouraged me to break out the fleece pajamas and feather comforter so I can feel fingers and toes throughout the day.  Dear tomorrow's photo shoot.  I have the privilege to take photos for an expecting couple!  My first foray into maternity photos, and I'm extremely nervous, but oh so excited.  Even better, they're bringing along their pup.  I can't wait!  Dear German people that fall in love with Ninja.  I'm constantly stopped by you all so you can admire my overly friendly boxer. Thanks for the compliments!  Well, I'm assuming they're compliments.  Since I can't understand a single word any of you say, I'm hoping you're not casting spells to curse me instead.  Dear Germany.  Every day I spend here makes me feel more and more at home.  The opportunities, the adventures, the people...if I never leave, I wouldn't mind.


  1. ooooh I hope you enjoy your photoshoot!! You always do amazing so duh it'll be fine.

  2. You've got a new follower!! I'm just an English Channel away in England!!! I've never been to Germany but would really like to go someday. Hope you have a lovely weekend, even if your hubby isn't home till Sunday and good luck on your maternity shoot!

  3. My husband has been in the same mood this week and it can be so hard to live with! I'll be thinking of you, too. So glad you are really feeling at home and content in Germany and love that you are meeting new women! Sounds like it has been a good week overall! :)

  4. Hey I am a huge fan of your picture {and the shirt you are wearing in the picture}. And you live in Germany? How cool is that? Happy Friday!

    P.S. Newest follower!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  5. Ahh so jealous of your cooler weather!

    Have fun and enjoy the photoshoot! That'll be a fun one! :-)

  6. Hi from the Linkup!

    The photoshoot sounds like it's going to be amazing!! & at my old job my weekend used to begin on a Sunday. I don't understand how so many people get so lucky with a Mon-Fri schedule! I would love that.

    Anyway, have a happy weekend!!


  7. Great letters English. Good luck on the shoot tomm.

  8. Yet again you are adorable! I hope you enjoy your time with your hubby on his day off from work! :)


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