Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

This is what happens when you get caught in a surprise rain storm.

Emma had an absolute blast making her daddy have a tea party.

And of course, what I have been working on in every spare minute so my friends can have their pictures by the end of the week.
My weekend was pretty amazing, and hope it was the same for you!


  1. Oh my gosh the tea party! My heart! So precious. And the baby! So much cuteness.

    We had a surprise rainstorm last week and it was kind of like that too, always fun :)

  2. Oh my gosh...that photo of the baby with the pearls, that is just stunning! I also love that tea party pic, that will be the photo she takes with her, framed, when she moves out! :)

    Great post, I love these!

  3. For someone who doesn't like kids you take really cute pictures of them ;-) We also watched the Dark Knight on Saturday Night! Wasn't half bad! =) xo Anja

  4. Love the tea party photo! Adorable! Looks like it was fun to do, too! :)


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