Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Whoot whoot!  Question answering time!!  In honor of being so close to 100 followers, here are some answers to a few questions I've received over the duration of this blog.  If you have others, please shoot me an email and ask away!

{q} Is your name really English?
{a} Yes.  And while I know the desire to start calling me Inglés, Spanish, Math, Irish, or others [enter any cliché here] is very strong, please don't.  Just...please.  I talk a little more about my name here.

{q} You claim to be from Minnesota, but then you say you're not really from Minnesota.  Well...which one is it?
{a} Touché.  I claim to be from Minnesota because that's where my family still lives, and that's where the majority of my accent is from.  I was actually born in South Carolina, lived in Tennessee and California for a bit, and lived in Kentucky for ten years.  I'm a conglomeration of USA regions.

{q} How old are you?
{a} 24.

{q} How tall are you?
{a} 5'1" [almost]

{q} Where is your husband from?
{a} He's a military brat, so he grew up all over.  However, he was born in the Philippines, a fact that I never let him forget.

{q} What kind of camera/lens do you use?
{a} I currently tote a Nikon D7000, and usually have a 35mm lens attached to the front.  I also have a 50mm and a 18-105mm that I switch it out with depending on what type of photo I'm taking.

{q} What do you use to edit your photos?
{a} I use Lightroom 3, and PSE9 as a supplement.  I adore LR, and somewhat tolerate PSE.  Seriously though.  LR is the best.  Ever.

{q} Would you be willing to help me figure out my camera, and how to capture cool photographs?
{a} Of course, but you should know I am not a professional.  It's just a hobby for me.  That being said, if you need some basic pointers, shoot me an email and I'll do the best I can.

{q} Why do you take so many pictures?
{a} 'Cause I want to.  Duh.

{q} How do you read so many books so quickly?
{a} It's a gift.  Plus, I don't really have much else to do.

{q} Can you teach me to read books quickly?
{a} Okay, so no one really asked me this.  But I think it would be funny if they did.

{q} How did you end up in Germany?
{a} With the military.  We had the chance to take an awesome assignment, and we jumped at it.

{q} Why don't you do crafts, DIY, or recipes?
{a} 1. Because I'm not good at any of those things.  2. Because they don't interest me.  3. Because I don't want to. So there.

{q} Besides blogging, what do you do?
{a} Right now, not much.  I'm technically a full time student, but hate school and am thinking about quitting.  It sucks.  I also have a part time job as a substitute teacher, and am trying to earn my way into a full time job as a para educator.

{q} What are you majoring in?
{a} I was planning on majoring in education, but I've decided against it.  I'm now considering publishing, editing, or something else book related.

{q} Why don't you respond to my comments?  You too good or sum'in'?
{a} *gasps* Never!  I respond to comments via email so you don't have to back track to see if I wrote anything.  If you haven't gotten a response, it's probably because you don't  have an email linked to your account, which means you won't get my replies.  If you'd like to set your account up so you can receive replies, shoot me an email and I'll explain how to get 'er done.  Or, email me your comment, and I'll respond to that instead.


  1. I love this and I love that we have so much in common! (24, short, fast and frequent reader). From your recommendation I actually have a hold on Black at the library! I'm excited to read it :)

  2. Wow...majoring in something book related...AWESOME!!! I am excited to know what you end up doing with that. Since you read alot, have you thought of writing? Just curious. Hugs and have a great day! :)

    1. I've considered it, but I honestly just don't like journalism. I had some experience working for a newspaper in high school, and while it was a great job, I'm not courageous or friendly enough to interview people I don't know. But, I'm really hoping that I can end up working for a publishing company some day...we'll see! Hugs back atcha, and hope you have a great day as well!

  3. I have lived in Kentucky my whole life. What part of Kentucky did you live in? (I don't think I have asked before)


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