Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend In Pictures

What are some captions you can think up for this first one? ;)

Trips to Ikea make me dread getting home, cause then I have to put everything together 


  1. Wow such pretty photgraphs! I think the caption should be... "i'm to tired to be a model today" hehe. the dogs are gorgeous! you have great shots of them! :)

    Come and enter my GIVE AWAY!!

    Jen xxx

  2. Gorgeous photos! And I just love dogs snuggling, I think it's so precious!

  3. Love your dogs! My husband and I are renting a house and the landlord doesn't allow pets, as someone who has had a dog my whole life - I MISS THEM!

    Your dogs are adorable, and that last photo is gorgeeeous!

  4. *Gasp* Those last two photos are STUNNING! Oh did a fantastic job on capturing the moment! :)

  5. These photos are fabulous! and I love IKEA!!!

  6. Ohhhh I love your puppies!!!
    I am a new follower from over at Through The Looking Glass :) so excited to be here!!!
    As wonderful as Ikea trips are... yes, they are A LOT of work once you get home! Love what you found!
    *** your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!
    So excited to find you friend,
    Maggie :)

  7. The last picture....absolutely stunning!!


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