Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Collect

I have so many projects I would love to start and share, but this weather is not cooperating with me!  Rain makes it super difficult to paint outside, and I'm not particularly fond of doing so in the house [unless I'm painting the house itself of course].  So, until the weather clears up this weekend, I thought I would share a few of my favorite collections that are scattered around the house.

If you remember this post, then you'll know I love owls.  Here are a few more I've picked up over the past few weeks: #1 is the hideous seashell owl that I absolutely adore.  You have to love what you find in thrift stores!!!  The other two are from my recent trip to Garmisch...the miniature wooden owl, and the larger stone owl.

The complete owl collection.  Yes, the one in the front is scarred.  The dogs decided he was delicious.

I definitely love candle holders; the more the better.  These need to be painted, and once they're bright blue, they'll look much better on my stairs.  Old cameras are some of my favorite treasures to search for, but for some reason I haven't come across many in Germany.  [if you see any, please let me know and remain on stand by until I race my butt to you.]  And although the last picture [bottom right] doesn't show my complete collection, I love coffee cups.  Not old or vintage or anything.  Just ugly ones you find at the ridiculous & tacky souvenir shops.  They make me strangely happy.

Last but definitely not least...containers.  I love anything that can hold, well, anything.   Baskets, suitcases, jars, crates, totes, trunks, trays, canisters.  I want them all, and I want them everywhere.  This is not a complete showcase of my collection.  I didn't want you to know how strange and obsessive my addiction is.

I also collect picture frames.  Nothing in them.  They just hang on my walls, waiting for find something useful to put inside them.  Unfortunately, these empty picture frames happen to be hanging in the worse spots, so no decent pictures could be taken [and this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I'm incredibly short.  Definitely not.]  Do you collect anything awesome/cool/strange/alarmingly weird?  I'd love to hear.

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  1. I love your old camera collection, those are so cool.

  2. LOVE the owls, especially the tiny little yellow one!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and vlog, I'll have to go and watch yours now! :)


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