Monday, April 9, 2012

Garmisch, Germany

My photos of our Girls' Weekend to Garmisch are a little late in coming, but homework got the best of me. Here's a sampling of our fantastic three day trip away!

Tara and Sandra
All four of us.  Forgot to change the settings on the camera...but this dinner was amazing
Cindy and I
I named him Mr. Margarita.  We're best friends.
An afternoon spent shopping in this gorgeous place.  Who could say no to that view?!
Great trip with great friends.


  1. How cute are you! I'm following :)

  2. I feel as I know you! I grew up with boxers!! Retired Army wife whom would of loved to have been stationed in Germany! However, I was able to visit my brother and his wife during a summer break from college. I loved Bavaria! The summer I was there it was so hot that I loved ducking into the chocolate shops for a little a/c... Neuschwanstein is so breathtakingly beautiful.. I would love to take my husband some time in the future. Enjoy ....

    1. You're lucky you got to visit! We've only been in Germany for six months, and I've already been to Bavaria twice. I absolutely love it. You should definitely make a trip with your husband, it would be well worth it!


  3. Garmisch is only 25 minutes from me. I love it there. I have fallen deeply in love with southern Germany!!!


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