Monday, April 2, 2012

Vacation #3

I find it hard to believe that we've already been in Germany for almost 6 months.  Where has the time gone?!  The past month alone, time seems to have just flown by; between my mom visitingphoto shoot opportunities, and college classes, the time since Timmy left has been packed full and completely occupied.  I'm overly happy about it.  The more I spend my days doing 'stuff' and not sitting around and thinking keeps me from sinking into that self-pity mode that comes along with deployments.

To help me along with all of this are the fantastic friends I've made since we've arrived.  They invite me out shopping, over for dinner, over to drink, out to movies, out/over to do everything.  I love not being home by myself 24/7.  This house is way too big and empty with just me and the dogs.

So these fantastic friends and my habit of maintaining a whirlwind lifestyle are taking me on Vacation #3: a trip to Garmisch, Germany.  Timmy and I were recently there for Valentin's Day, but this is an all girls no kids no husbands relaxing spa-ing drinking kind of trip.  We leave tomorrow morning to spend a couple nights, just the four of us.  I am so excited, I think I'm going to scream!!

I'm planning on taking lots of pictures.  And planning on making the most of this time; this will be my last big outing before I go home in the summer.  Thank you, dear friends, for helping me not be so lonely; I'm off to go pack for the adventure, and I'm sure I will come back with some awesome stories and pictures to blog about.  Hope you all have as great a week as I'm planning on having!!!

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