Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Before I get to the pictures, just a quick heads up: I will have two wonderful guest posts to share with you this week from some fellow bloggers, as well as a give away!  The give away starts tomorrow, so make sure you check back so you can enter to win...

Watching the sunset from my balcony has become a nightly ritual.

Little wooden cups. 
What the what?!  Found an amazing thrift store in Kaiserslautern!!! 

This room captured my heart.  Records, needlepoints, books.  What more could a girl ask for?!
I'll share my purchases from the thrift store later this week, after I go back to finish looking through everything!


  1. I am loving those little wooden cups.

  2. Oohh look at all of those treasures! Those cups are adorable!


  3. beautiful photos! i love watching sunsets as well- its a great way to end the day :)

    andrea brionne

  4. Love the little wooden cups, and the room! :)

  5. Gorgeous photos! Oh my, I have such an urge to go thrifting now!!


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