Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home Tour

My house isn't perfect.  There are dirty dishes in the sink, trinkets that don't have a home, dog hair covering the rugs.  My couch looks like a make shift bed in the living room.  My own bedroom isn't even pictured because there's not really anything in there, and because then I'd feel obligated to make my bed.  If you don't mind a little disorder during your morning/night, or the fact that my vacuum is chilling in my kitchen, then please enjoy.

**Eventually, I think I will do a video tour to replace this.  Taking pictures of this house is a gigantic pain in the ass because the rooms are small and narrow, the stairs and hallways even more so.  A video tour will give you a better idea of the actual layout instead of snippets of what looks like random corners**

Behind: main door into house
Left: teeny tiny bathroom for midgets
Right: stairs up & down
Straight: living room, dining room, kitchen

Stairs leading upstairs and two GIGANTIC cubed windows

Stairs leading downstairs to mud room, laundry room and storage. None of that is pictured because I don't like going down there.  Awesome candle holder collection on stairs.
Dining room.  Immediate left: entryway.  Far left: kitchen.  Right: door to balcony.
Large frame filled with book pages to match curtains and side table.

Door leading into living room from entryway.  Word motif continues.

Right: kitchen door
Left: wall of frames
Living rom couch that looks like a bed, and two dogs.  Immediate right: kitchen.  Far right: entryway.  Immediate left: door to balcony.  Far left: wall of frames.

Wall of frames.  Right: couch.  Left: dining room.  Behind: entryway.

Doorway into kitchen.  Also where dirty dishes and vacuum are stored.  This room sucks since I'm not allowed to hang anything in it, so moving on...

Top of stairs.
Below: main floor entryway
Straight: guest room
Left: regular people sized bathroom
Immediate right: spare room/walk in closet
Far right: master bedroom

Walk in closet with bag of old clothes ruining the photo.
Behind: bathroom
Left: guest & master bedrooms
Right: stairs

Main bathroom and a Sass
Behind: walk in closet
Left: stairs
Right: bedrooms

Stairs down to main floor
Behind: upstairs
Left: awesome collection of animal stuff

Behind: living room
Left: stairs up & down
Right: minuscule bathroom
Straight: to outside


  1. I love how pets seem to photobomb all over the place!! In my pics too!

    I also love your frames and that staircase with all the light is actually quite special. Thanks for letting me snoop round!


  2. I love it! You have such a definite "style" going on and I don't really think I have that. Or maybe I do and I just don't recognize it because I live here every day? I don't know. But it looks great! I love the book page theme going on!

  3. Oh my gosh, your home is HUGE! It makes me feel almost like we live in a closet, though I am not complaining.

    I love the frames on your walls and the little touches you have done here and there. The candlesticks are a lovely touch.

    Excellent and beautiful and very, very you (not that I actually know you in person, it just looks like what I think I know of you via the internet). :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Hey! I like that bathroom by the front door. It is all nice and cozy, and easy to find in the dark at night. Quit picking on the little bathroom.


  5. Love your home! So cute - and the dogs are just an added bonus! LOVE their faces!

  6. I love love love the wall of frames!

    Amanda Rose

  7. I love your house so cute, especially your stairwell :)


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