Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Antwerp, Belgium

Day Two: Antwerp, Belgium 
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 They love you in Antwerp, even if they're telling you not to do a million things.  By far my favorite photo from the whole trip.

 We witnessed a wedding in the city center!

 Yum, Belgian chocolate.  I brought home quite a few different flavors, but the dogs ate all of it :(
 Chess tournament


  1. Hey! I have been to Brussels and Brugge, but not Antwerp! it looks lovely :D and what on earth was that huge hand!?! hehe Also what was the castle called that had the statue outside it? it looks so picturesque! like a proper castle! :D

    Great pics! when we were in belgium we bought lots of chocolate too!! :D although we got to eat all ours!

    Jen xxx

    ps. are your dogs ok eating chocolate? because supposedly dogs are allergic to chocolate and it can poison them. its a big thing here in the UK not to let them eat it. just wanted to let you know :) xxx

  2. Ha ha, that tree of prohibition signs is hilarious! No ski lifting in the city center? =) xo Anja

  3. I was giggling at the photo of you with the big hand and then I came to the photo of the heart shaped "don't do a thousand things" signs and hahahaha. We think the "do not cuss" signs they have on the beach here are hilarious, so 2349723 of them? AMAZING.

    I think I've decided I need to go to Europe now after looking at your photos.

  4. HA! They need a sign telling you what you CAN do! But that wouldn't be as fun.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! Lovely buildings, looks like a beautiful day and of course chocolate...chocolate makes everyday perfect! :)

  6. Hahah I love that sign with all the banned things! What ARE you allowed to do!? No ice cream!? No cellphones? No...ladders? o.O


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