Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gone to the Dogs

I currently have two extra canines hanging out at my house, and will be hosting them for the next couple of weeks.  These girlies are sweethearts, and I'm so happy their parents trust me to keep them safe while on vacation.

Ninja you know.
This is Rita. 
Have you ever noticed how Sass' eyes look in different directions?  Very confusing.  JUST LOOK AT ME, SASS!
And this is Tetris.  
They're seriously the best of friends.  And this kind of reminds me of a model shoot.
An idea of what my dogs do whenever we go on a walk.

And here is an idea of what all four dogs are like together.  Excuse a) the house, b) the couch, c) this was before I rearranged and decorated, so please don't judge me.


  1. What sweet babies. I'm such a sucker for doggies.

  2. boxers are hilarious. all the pups are cute together.

  3. You now have a whole tribe of cute doggies!

    Btw - I nominated you for an award today!!

    Check it out here:


  4. Yup, that's it. I need to come and visit! lol :)

  5. Hi English - totally had to check out your blog after starting that list on FB today.

    That looks like one really big party for your dogs and guests - do they leave any space for you on the sofa too? ;-) (They do look a lot happier than with the birthday hats - LOL.)

    BTW Rita looks like my "baby" Coca.

    xo Anja

  6. Cute! I love the photo of them all on the bed!


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