Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some things I love. Some...not so much.

A quick glance at things I currently adore...

Home made cookies & fudge

Christmas Markets.  I'm sure you all are sick of these pictures, but I'm seriously in love.
This chocolate.  Oh. My. Goodness.

Loosing teeth [well, kids anyway.  i wouldn't be too happy if i did]

Bulky winter sweaters.  So comfy!

Sass' painted nails.  Thank you, Tara :)
Some of the things I am not so fond of...

Make up.  So not feeling it lately.

Circuses.  The idea of animals caged sad!

Glühwein [glue-vine].  A spiced, mulled wine that is a traditional German treat.  I can't stand it.

Bad hair days.  Growing short hair out can be quite infuriating.
What are you loving and disliking at the moment?


  1. Girl I know exactly how you feel about growing short hair out! I'm growing mine out now and I feel like it is taking FOR~EVER! Love the blog by the way :) Miss you and extremely jealous of you and your Christmas markets...
    ~Delina {I'm going anonymous because I don't know how else to post on here}


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