Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Germany, Day 1

Since we shipped our car almost two months ahead of our arrival to Germany, we were able to pick it up yesterday and not rely on others driving us around.  It also meant that we were able to wander around today, although you would think we would be sick of riding in cars after the past week or so.  But we were very eager to start exploring, and explore we did.  Here are some pictures of the countryside and local villages we found today.

Our "I can't believe we're in Germany" faces 

The KPP or Krooked Pinkie Promise


  1. How beautiful! Love all the pictures, and hope you're having a BLAST!
    xo, Dawn

  2. Great photos...thanks for sharing. Glad you made it safe and sound and the pups have found a temporary home until you get settled. Love you!!! Bethmom

  3. Is it weird that I know where you took alot of these pictures?


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