Sunday, November 27, 2011

Flea Markets in Germany

When Timmy showed me that there was a listing of local Antique Markets being held today in the Kaiserslautern American, I think I freaked.  So when we overslept and completely missed the Antique Market, I freaked a little more.  Thank goodness we will be here for another three years, or I would be very upset with my phone right now.  Then he showed me that there was a flea market small gathering of people selling used items at a later time, we decided to hit that up instead.  (I honestly believe that the Germans use the term "flea market" as a way to entice people to visit a group of 3/4 people selling old stuff in an abandoned parking garage)

Gorgeous accordion

Small but intriguing

The rest are photos of our visit to Heidelberg & their Christmas Market.

Aren't these amazing?  Little steampunk figurines.  Going back ASAP to get one for myself :)

heisseSchokolade mit Bailey's (hot chocolate with Bailey's)

First German meal and I don't even know what I ate

Timmy's schnitzel 

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