Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Thursday night, Timmy graduated from the Airman Leadership School.  This is a mandatory 6 week program, designated by the Air Force to all Airmen that are being promoted to staff sergeant (E-5).  It's an extremely difficult course, created to help soon-to-be supervisors practice their disciplinary skills, public speaking, improvising during abnormal situations, and their peer-to-peer capabilities.  There is a lot of classwork and homework involved, along with TONS of group activities and study sessions.  Not only did Timmy graduate, an amazing accomplishment, he graduated at the top of his flight, a team of 12.  While he didn't receive any awards out of his entire class of 62 people, he did have the pleasure of tutoring a classmate to help him pass when no one else could.  Timmy promotes in February sometime, and will then be in charge of an entire shift of Airmen, along with being personally responsible for 2 or 3 careers.  It's not easy being an Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), but I know Timmy will be stellar at it.
The following pictures are of the banquet that was thrown in honor of the graduating.  There were a couple hundred people in attendance, and every single commander and chief master sergeant on base were present to encourage the newest ranks of NCOs.  The dinner was superb, the company was great, and the presentations were very organized and efficient (as usual for the military).  Sorry there aren't more pictures, but I stood in a horribly dark part of the room.  I need practice being a wife.  :)

Timmy in his all of his goofiness

Timmy and I before the banquet started

Pretty decent food!

Two of Timmy's previous supervisors and amazing role models:
TSgt Angeles
TSgt Kennedy

Timmy receiving his graduation diploma from the base commander


Us married folk

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