Friday, October 15, 2010

A Conversation with my Mother

My mom called me yesterday.  This is what we talked about.

Mom:  All the ladies at my work are pregnant.
Me: That's because it's fertility season.
Mom:  I thought fertility season was during the winter because you have to snuggle to stay warm.
Me:  You live in Minnesota.  It's already colder there than anywhere else.
Mom:  True.
Me:  (pause)...people in Hawaii must not have kids.
Mom:  What do you mean?
Me:  Well, it's always warm.  They don't have a fertility season.  They probably have their babies shipped in.
Mom:  There was just a tsunami in Samoa...
Me: And it washed all the babies to Hawaii!
Mom:  All the Hawaiians are standing on the beach picking our their babies on the waves.

(Fits of laughter)

I love my mother :)

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