Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why I'm So Exhausted

Being a 'single' lady isn't necessarily hard.  Being a single lady after being married for a couple years is a little more difficult.
Timmy has been gone a little over 2 months.  Not even 2.5.  It feels like it's been 10.  I'M DRAGGING ASS.
I think if I had spent the time after we married like I did the time before we married, I would be used to handling anything and everything that pops up.  But when reintroducing myself to full time school, [usually] full time work, on top of staying sane and social and taking care of dogs?  I'm pooped.  Wake up at 545 to get the day started; come home from work around 4; immediately walk the dogs for an hour; do as much homework as my brain can handle that evening; crawl into bed around midnight.  Weekends are filled to the brim with catching up on laundry or housework, seeing friends, making hasty jaunts to dreamy lands filled with colorful buildings and ancient architecture.  They're spent marking the time until my husband comes home and I don't have to deal with everything on my own anymore.
The point of this is that blogging, while still a joy and an awesome outlet, doesn't rank high on my priorities anymore.  While it used to be a way for me to connect with others, not having many friends in person right after moving to Germany, I now am too busy and so social that it's not really needed.  I still enjoy it, but would rather spend my focus and time on things that need to happen instead.  I keep making promises that I'll start it back up, it'll be a regular thing from now on; I'm not going to hold myself to that anymore.  Just adds more pressure to an already busy schedule.  Instead, I will do my best to post at least once a week, to force myself to sit down and relax for a few minutes before speeding through the day like a madwoman.
And just because I'm not so great at keeping up with my own end doesn't mean I don't read your individual blogs.  I love glancing through them daily, and don't plan on stopping that anytime soon.

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  1. Do you, girl!
    I still try to post regularly but I try not to feel too bad or guilty when I miss a couple days or can't catch up on everyones posts.

    You have to live a life to have something to blog about, right?


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