Thursday, April 25, 2013

Photo Challenge: B&W

This week in the Click Chick photo challenge is the chance to showcase our fabulous black and white photographs.  B&W is one of my absolute favorite styles.  It can make an average picture more glamourous, and clients always love them.  Here are a couple that I adore so much, I even have them hanging on my wall here at home.
This one has made it on here before, but this shot from Amsterdam makes me very very happy.

My gorgeous mother, looking fabulous like always while spending a couple days with me in Venice.  I possibly should have held off on this one until the "mom" post, but it's too cute not to share right now.


  1. Love the buildings and the bikes in that Amsterdam shot! Looks great!!

  2. Love both of these!!
    I agree, I think alot of clients love when you can capture great images in b&w. Some of my favorites from my wedding are the ones in b&w.


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