Thursday, April 18, 2013

Photo Challenge: Happiness

Perhaps I'm introducing photo overload, but this week's challenge leaves a little room for interpretation. I would love to show how happy I am with my life, but taking self portraits all the time seems a little narcissistic...instead, I'm going to show you a few things that make me happy.
Sunsets in foreign lands.  This one is from my recent trip to Cinque Terre, Italy.

Dogs.  Geez do my dogs make me happy.

Very very very happy.

Laying in a Belgian park with my best friend.
Warm, sunny days and pretty patios.

The knowledge that while my husband is gone for another few months, one day he'll come home to me.


  1. Great pictures! Hope your husband comes home soon safe and sound <3

  2. All things to be very happy about. Can't wait till Timmy comes home to you.

  3. These are all so great. The one with the open doors looks like a photo from a magazine. You are so good! So glad I found your blog through this photo challenge.

  4. I love your happiness pictures. Puppies, laying in the sun... And as a fellow milspouse, there really is nothing better than when they come home.


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