Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Letters

 Dear Friday.  I greet you with mixed feelings...relief that another week is coming to a close, bringing my DH and I closer to reunion, and dread as my weekends fill up faster than I care for.  Dear Husband.  We're getting closer and closer to you coming home!  I'm excited to start experiencing Europe with you.  p.s., thanks for my birthaversary gift!!!  Dear photography.  I'm making the plunge and starting a photography business.  I'm still very, very unsure and pessimistic about this step, not completely agreeing with the idea that people will actually pay for my quality, but you'll never know if you don't try.  Bulking up my portfolio this summer with last minute experiences, and hopefully have Be Freckled Photography up and running by the fall in the KMC area!  Wish me luck.  Plus, any and all feedback is more than welcome!!!  Dear future.  I've come to a crossroads in my career and don't know what the right decision to make is.  Major in photography?  Continue on my original path of becoming a book editor?  Why oh why can't you just pipe up and offer some advice?!  Dear Ninja and Sass.  The amount of growing up you've done over the past year is astounding.  I'm no longer afraid of leaving you home alone, find walking you to be a treat instead of a chore, and as always, completely enjoy your snuggles.  But, I also miss your puppy cuteness.  Growing up sucks!  Dear new gear.  Excited for this rain to clear up so I can head out and give you all a test.  New lens, new filters, new're all going to be so stellar, I can feel it.  Dear friends.  Life is changing rapidly around me.  The quarter-century mark approaches quickly, and I find myself making bigger and more life altering decisions more frequently.  How do you handle it all?  I'd love to hear your opinion on the business front, as well as any recommendations on how to handle so much change.  I'll be writing a more in depth follow up once school is out and I no longer have a job to occupy so much time.  Can't wait to reconnect with my blogger world again!


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  1. How exciting to be able to explore Europe with your husband. That sounds fantastic.

    Good luck on starting your photography business. Crossroads are always scary and once you come to a decision on one, another one pops up right down the road. It keeps life interesting though.


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