Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grateful 365 Project

I saw this on a friend's facebook page and absolutely adore the concept.  The idea is to take a picture a day to keep in touch with the little things in life that make our year so special and unique.  It's supposed to actually be a photography project, but I truly believe that you don't need talent in taking photos in order to convey what means the world to you.  And the fact that there are millions of people around the world participating in the same project help lends the idea a sense of community and group support: not everyone values or treasures the same ideas/objects.  It's quite amazing.  Here are a few shots from the Project 365 Flickr group:

Photo by: Anthony Herald

Photo by: Lyfe Thru My Lense

Photo by: Paul R. Giunta Photography

Keep in mind, these pictures are for the photography project (just called Project 365).  The majority of us in life aren't this talented (and by us, I mean me).  The Grateful 365 Project is a little more sentimental and meaningful, meant for the day to day activities and to help us appreciate the small things in life.  

If you are interested in the photography portion, check out this link.  It helps explain the process and gives you some inspiration from shots others have taken.  If you're interested in the origins of where the Grateful Project came from, and would like to check out the impending documentary, take a gander here.  Also, Hogan Imaging's Facebook link is how I learned more about the project, and 365 Grateful the Documentary site is where I found more information about the project.

Hopefully this made brain is a mess right now trying to figure out how to describe it.  I personally will be starting this project on Sunday, so feel free to check back to watch the process.  Leave a comment if you have a question, or feel free to email me or find me on Facebook (English N Timmy Brownderson).  Good luck with your project!!!

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