Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things I'm Afraid to Tell You

Have you seen these posts?  Two of my blogger friends, J and Talia Christine, both did it and I give them mad props for doing so.  I kind of thought they were crazy though.   Whey tell people unpleasant things?  Oh yeah.  'Cause bloggers are people, too.  Gotcha.  Well then, here I go.

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I hate confrontation.
Of any kind.  Any and all of it.  It seems ironic, because I tend to stand up for myself or shoot my mouth off really quickly, but then I get all nervous and stuttery and butterfly stomach-ness.  So if you see me start tossing horns like a bull, chances are, I'm actually terrified on the inside.

I don't like children.  That includes yours.
This tends to only last until I get to know the kid[s] better.  But, generally speaking, if I run into you in a store or parking lot and your kid is going crazy psycho, I'll probably leave.  Because if I don't, I might smack them.  And I really don't like baby-sitting for others, especially if your child is over the age of six months and can move around constantly and therefore creating a large hassle for me.  I'd rather children just stay at home where I can't see them.  Sorry.  [The irony of this vs. the fact that I want a child so badly does not elude me.]

I cry over everything.
Friends tend to think that I'm really stand-offish and impersonal, and also think that I don't let my negative feelings ever show.  So not true.  If there's an animal commercial on, I'm probably blinking my eyelids off trying not to let the tears fall.  Or anytime I see a video of a soldier coming home from deployment...geez, just hand me the whole box of tissues.  I'll need them.  But please don't use my sensitivity against me.

I'm the bossiest person.  Ever.
And el hubbo will probably agree very adamantly when he reads this.  I'm kind of a control freak, and tend to throw out orders without even realizing it.  I personally think I've gotten tons better about this, but I'll have to ask husband what he thinks.

I am not religious.
I am mostly not Christian.  Anything but that.  Although I'm also not Atheist or Agnostic or Deist.  I'm still figuring it out, but when I come to a conclusion, I will never affiliate myself with any particular religious organization.  I could tell you more about how I feel on that topic, but maybe another day, and only if you ask nicely.  I will say one thing, though; just because I don't follow any specific religion does not make me a horrible person with no morals.  And just because you are religious doesn't make you the best person ever.

Getting dressed is. a. hassle.
I hate hate hate dressing decently, which makes me one of those looked-down on women because I'm the one wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt.  I excuse myself regularly by saying that I'm constantly doing stuff with the dogs, which tends to be messy, but I'm really just lazy.  Sorry if you don't like seeing scrubbied, undried haired, workout clothed, slippered women; that's probably me.

I am judgmental.
Out of all my bad characteristics, this one is probably the worse.  It's an automatic reaction to seeing something I don't like or think is substandard.  I fight it constantly, but will admit that I don't judge those I've just met; the largest pool of victims are people I've known the longest...which makes it worse, I suppose.  Working on this.

World's pickiest eater alert.
Now, I'll try almost anything.  But things I will never ever make for myself; turkey, mexican food, anything containing peanut butter, macaroni & cheese, anything containing corn or peas, fish, beets, carrots, pomegranates, grits, anything containing nuts, cake, cookies, and I'm sure there's a ton more.  It's hard being me.

Well there you go.  I feel a little naked now, and very much a victim to judgmental readers.  But, I also know that my own demons probably don't seem as big a deal to anyone else besides me.  I'm sure plenty of people would read these and think, "wow, I have so much more to be embarrassed about that she!"  Maybe it's just all a matter of perspective, combined with our upbringing.  Whatever the case, this is me.


  1. I'm bossy too! Super control freak (my poor husband). Although with having a kid, that has been less of a problem since I am more aware that I actually have no control. ha! Anyway, there is actually a video of me dragging my sister around by her pajamas on Christmas morning when we were probably 5 and 3 because she was "doing it wrong". Apparently I thought you could do Christmas wrong hahaha.

    I wouldn't say I'm religious either, but I'm a Christian. And I totally understand why you don't want to be affiliated with a religion, I don't want to be affiliated with the crazy people that claim Christianity! Also, trust, I will never act like I'm the best person ever lol in fact, quite the opposite.

    Also, I'm the same way with confrontation. I'll do it, no doubt, but I get this sick feeling in my stomach for days afterward.

    Lets be friends and not eat fish or beets together. :)

  2. Wow, it does take much courage to write like this. You are very brave especially since you most likely have friends and family reading your blog.

    I am very impressed and would love to see later posts elaborated on the last four topics. Oh...and the children thing, do you have any stories that would be funny to everyone else? That could be a good post too. :)

    Have a wonderful day and again, I admire you for your courage!

  3. I recognise the control freak thing in me too. This is a scary yet awesome writing prompt. Thanks for sharing :)


  4. I think that I love you! lol. I share a lot of these traits. I know how you feel about crying over everything! That ish gets so old. And I never want to wear real clothes...but I don't have an excuse. People are really judgemental about it. lol. Have a fab weekend!


  5. What a cool post - I think, at the moment it is way out of my comfort zone to do something like that ;-) (And I really, really like my comfort zone, maybe a little too much ;-)
    BTW I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award: =)

  6. I haven't read blogs in the last week, so I'm just now seeing this!! I love you were able to open up! Also? Mrs Judgmental, right here! I know that I shouldn't judge others, but I can't help it. At least I'm not judgmental to their face, right? Or is that worse??

  7. Another "not religious and especially not Christian" blogger here! Sometimes I wonder if this puts people of reading my blog more. Hmmm.


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